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A Clash of Old and New


  • Loop’n’Roll is a fantastic display of modern live looping delivered in a Classic 1964 VW Bus!
  • If you like loop artists such as Keller Williams, Zach Deputy, Ed Sheeran, Dub FX, Beardy Man, don’t miss the chance to bring these guys your way.
  • Each is his own one-man band, recording live on stage using voice and instruments into a looper pedal, nothing pre-recorded.
  • Fresh... Live... Unique... They will transform the vibe at your event from awesome, to awesomer!... LOOP-N-ROLL 2017!




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Pushing the limits of what’s possible using a loop pedal and FX, Brian Hill (USA) and Konrad Kuechenmeister (Germany) have played hundreds of concerts in America and Europe making music magic along the way... ie: Beatbox made Dubstep, Reggae made Dub, Ska made Balkin Beat, Electro Swing made Drum-n-Bass.

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Loop-N-Roll concert tour and film being made for broadcast in Germany… we're looking for help and references to find interesting scenes/ideas/bookings along the way… Loop-N-Roll… East German film maker, DJ, Producer and Top European Live Loop Artist outta Berlin will tour America coast to coast in Jul/Aug 2017 in classic VW Bus live looping their voices, instruments, and beatbox… they make a big sound, engaging people with good positive hi-energy vibes! The US tour is being documented for broadcast in Germany… Open to ideas for concerts, appearances and interviews across the USA… they can even perform (park & play) from their 1964 VW bus equipped with stage/lights/sound… also offering live looping workshops. ideas?... loopnroll@echomixartists.net 

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Anywhere Is A Stage!

Not only do they lift the vibe at your music venue, club, or festival, they’re flexible with a three minute set-up time.  Even their microphone and instruments run through the looper so there is no need for additional mixing… easy & simple.


On a quest to rock you, Brian and Konrad  bring the the Loop’n’Roll Tour across the USA from coast to coast in ther 1964 VW Bus outfitted as a rolling stage. These Loop artists from Germany and USA can roll right up to your food truck rally, brewery, campus, or beer garden and impress “renegade-street-style” straight from the side of the bus!

Browse through our website to find out about our music style or listen some audio samples. Or check out some of the pictures from our recent events.

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