NC Songsmiths

NC Songsmiths is a network of premiere songwriters from North Carolina anchored by Bob Funck of Durham, NC.

The NC Songsmiths put on showcases and tours featuring North Carolinian songwriters performing solo at house concerts and intimate venues. The mostly acoustic concerts highlight the rich songwriting talent of the state. After each artist performs a solo set, the Songsmiths join together for an unrehearsed finale. Audiences remain engaged while the artists add glistening guitar licks and spontaneous vocal harmonies over each others tunes. These high-level displays of homegrown music draw from a pool of top North Carolina Songsmiths ranging from seasoned veterans, to rising young stars and often feature popular band leaders who may rarely get the chance to express their songwriting and lyrical prowess in a solo performance. The shows are intended for the serious listener, giving way for the Songsmiths to reach into their extensive song vaults, bringing to life some of the very best original music from the Old North State.

Booking Contact: Bob Funck - or call/text 919-59-0621

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