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April - May - June

Berlin: 030-755-21303

Mutiny Of The Stage!

Ska Mutiny Tour is a Multi-Artist Ska-Reggae Tour backed by long running ska band, Regatta 69. Based out of Berlin Germany, the multi-national lineup of reggae musicians host a variety of talented front-men from the Reggae, Ska, and Dancehall scene. With artists like Dr.Ring Ding, Motha Nature, King Django and Chris Murray, the tour has weaved it's way around central Europe drawing enthusiastic crowds in nightclubs and on festival stages. With the stage set as a pirate ship, acts of mutiny ensue as the stage is seamlessly set for each artist to take control. Extensive encores with improvised on-the-fly collaborations give way while the audience sings and dances. The experience is complete as the fans sample rum from the bowels of the Ska Mutiny Tour bus. Ahoy!.. Be ready to dance for three+ hours to positive vibrations straight from the music of the Caribbean.     

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