WARREN & HILL Tour 2018


Kendra Warren and Brian Hill are singer-songwriters from North Carolina teaming up to bring a sound where the mountains meet the islands. Their show is a mix of originals and remakes ready to keep you movin' to their original funky mountain reggae grooves. With an extensive tour history across the US with "NC Songsmiths" concert series, Warren & Hill have performed some 70+ shows from NC to CA, FL to ME, and everywhere in between. They've been well received at Floydfest & Soulshine music festivals hosting their Microbus Stage featuring 15 additional artists. Now it's time to hit the road and 'bring it big' with a band of seasoned musicians! Kendra and Brian's voices blend in beautiful harmony setting the tone for an unforgettably uplifting evening, while band's instrumentation brings to life their original compositions alongside a blend of well-known 70's classics remade with the Warren & Hill twist to reflect the current times of front-page issues. Messages of consciousness, universal love, and respect for our 'Mother Earth' are prevalent throughout their set spanning several hours. Don't miss out on the chance to bring the Warren & Hill show to your stage this summer and beyond!


Full of soul and out of control, Kendra Warren is a singer songwriter from the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.  She sings endearing songs of love, loss, family and her roots reaching five generations deep into Asheville's Spivey Mountain.


Kendra often collaborates with other gifted artists around North Carolina to keep things fresh.  She dabbles in a wide range of styles ranging from vocalizing features on dance and hip-hop albums to acoustic mountain jams. As a result, she has the support of many dynamite sidemen, making it possible to tailor her show with appropriate line-ups for any situation. Her show can range from solo, to duo acoustic, to duo with reggae live looper, with hip-hop DJ, or with Beatboxer. She also fronts her line-up of a funky live band trio, a four-piece rock band, and even brings out her Opryland style jam band for festivals and bigger events. Go with the flow of Kendra's beautifully transparent voice and sweet melodies as they overflow your soul with love, no matter who is accompanying.


Kendra's passion for music burns bright! You will know this to be true when you hear her captivating original songs performed live in concert.  She has been on the road playing nearly 100 shows from coast to coast in support of her 'Train Of Life EP' which features 3 songs touching on Latin in "EVOL LOVE", Reggae in the title track "Train Of Life", and Blues her groovy acoustic jam in "Hard Cider Sunday".  Her jazz-tinged ballad "One Day At A Time" is available streaming on Spotiy and several of her tracks are accompanied by music videos available via YouTube (see below).  She sings her truthful tales of life growing up on Spivey Mountain as told in her classic song "Spivey Mountain Jam", her father burnning down 16 acres of the mountain at the age of five!


Kendra Warren is also an experienced clothing model with recent shoots on the rim of the Grand Canyon, in the Redwood Forests of California, on the Beaches of North Carolina, in the sandy Deserts of India, and most recently on the Coastline of Cuba. She's fast becoming a flagship model for the Gaia Conceptions clothing company.




Brian Hill’s unmistakable voice, memorable songs, and lyrical bass stylings have been the sonic backbone of his internationally touring rock-reggae band Regatta 69. For more than two decades he's been touring extensively throughout the US and Europe, delivering smooth performances of his uplifting songs to audiences in some 42 States and 17 countries. Hill has been an integral part of the Version City Tour performing nearly 100 concerts alongside stars of the Third-Wave Ska-Reggae movement. His brand of island-influenced pop was a regular highlight in the three-hour shows touring through most major cities east of the Mississippi. Supporting his latest release “Countdown To Babblelawn”, Mr. B Hill’s selections boast lyrical twists of sarcasm and wit giving you his somehow eternally optimistic premonitions of what might be, while the music is reminiscent of days gone by. His concerts are featuring some classic ska and reggae remakes, but mostly his original songs, both new and rarities from the vault of Regatta 69’s 20+ year recording history.


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